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If you are learning with us then we highly advice you to use Desktop or Laptop to view contents of this website. Please use Studio Monitors (or quality high end speakers) for practice sessions.

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Example of Educational Videos (Some of the videos contains discount offers for you)  - THIS SECTION IN COMING UP!


If video does not download properly please refresh this page (these videos are only for educational purpose & certain back tracks are vintage in quality though enough clarity is there for educational purpose). These examples of tabs & notations are for all levels & all ages and as per maximum number of requests coming from each level to resolve their problems associated with assignments provided.  This page is coming up so revisit this page on frequent interval. Please note if you are not our member then you should know these are not any fully solved assignments for you & for none of our own members too -these are only short example providing some minimal guidance to our own members. Please check with your own Tutor for any reference if you are not our member.


IT Sound DUSSAUMUSIQUES / Sonner Acoustique – Due to Electric Guitar aural, phonic / audio quality issue please use speakers above Peak +100W & RMS + 50W, High PMPO/High BASS / for noise cancellation & quality audio .Members please use our Studio Monitors choice during practice sessions. If our preferred Studio Monitors are outside your budget then use atleast 80 HZ TO 20.000 Hz/RCA – for right wavelength response.

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