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“Our Safety” If accepted to learn with us, we might seek Certificat de bonne conduite / صحيفة الحالة الجنائية  / Police Vetting / Character Certificate / 无犯罪记录证明书 (similar reference for other Countries) from you! Please Note risguitar & is a part of single entity risfornication

For all queries (Class Booking etc)                                                                     

For Music Composition / Scale Maps / Guitar Theory etc                             

For Band Movements / Logistics /Stage Settings                                           

For Instrument Technical Details / Sound Engineering / Software               

For Advertisements  (Business Enquiry)                                                            

We highly recommend you email us if you are getting in touch with us for first time/or your first query! Also we highly recommend you to read and view contents of this website in full details before to initiate communication with us.

Guitar Theory Confusing? Learn Guitar & Music Theory with loads of fun with us!
Guitar Theory 1.jpeg
Learn all technical details / Amp settings / Stage Performance with us !

Vous ne trouvez pas ce que vous cherchez ?! Contactez-nous au +64 2102 968 935 /

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