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The Cult Theory of risguitarbues

If you are learning with us then we highly advice you to use Desktop or Laptop to view contents of this website. Please use Studio Monitors (or quality high end speakers) for practice sessions........IT SUPPORT.......

Example of Educational Videos (Some of the videos contains discount offers for you)  - THIS SECTION IN COMING UP!


If video does not download properly please refresh this page (these videos are only for educational purpose & certain back tracks are vintage in quality though enough clarity is there for educational purpose). These examples of tabs & notations are for all levels & all ages and as per maximum number of requests coming from each level to resolve their problems associated with assignments provided.  This page is coming up so revisit this page on frequent interval. Please note if you are not our member then you should know these are not any fully solved assignments for you & for none of our own members too -these are only short example providing some minimal guidance to our own members. Please check with your own Tutor for any reference if you are not our member.


IT Sound DUSSAUMUSIQUES / Sonner Acoustique – Due to Electric Guitar aural, phonic / audio quality issue please use speakers above Peak +100W & RMS + 50W, High PMPO/High BASS / for noise cancellation & quality audio .Members please use our Studio Monitors choice during practice sessions. If our preferred Studio Monitors are outside your budget then use atleast 80 HZ TO 20.000 Hz/RCA – for right wavelength response.

With Reference To Video Above

This query covers short example - who are struggling with improvisation assignments. You must know the basics of improvisation which is the art or act of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation: Musical improvisation involves imagination and creativity. To come to such stage “of improvisation” you must have enough material in your bag so that you can think beyond what’s already existing. For example (mentioned previously) if you have some idea of permutation & combination then it will be easy for you to understand “how to improvise”. In mathematics, combination and permutation are two different ways of grouping elements of a set into subsets. In a combination, the elements of the subset can be listed in any order. In a permutation, the elements of the subset are listed in a specific order. So you can apply the same principle in improvisation too to come with various “unique solutions” (i,e Compositions)

Here’s an easy way to remember: permutation sounds complicated, doesn’t it? And it is. With permutations, every little detail matters. Alice, Bob and Charlie is different from Charlie, Bob and Alice.

Combinations, on the other hand, are pretty easy going. The details don’t matter. Alice, Bob and Charlie is the same as Charlie, Bob and Alice

Example 1: 

Find the number of permutations and combinations if n = 12 and r = 2.



n = 12
r = 2


nPr = (n!) / (n-r)! =(12!) / (12-2)! = 12! / 10! = (12 x 11 x 10! )/ 10! = 132






It’s not a mathematics class going on here so to keep your life simple - here below are daily life examples. (Though we will be highly happy to teach / explain you -if wish to get into details of mathematics behind improvisation – if your Maths Teacher is not good enough on P&C)

Combination Lock - A combination lock is a useful item that helps safeguard our belongings when we are out and about. Now, we all know that one can open a combination lock only when the perfect code, in the correct sequential order, is entered. If the code is not in the right order, it won’t open. To give you an example, if the lock code is 321, you will have to enter the code in the same sequence to open it. Entering 231 or 123 will not help. 

Passwords - Every day we find ourselves typing passwords on our laptops or mobile phones. Passwords also help in keeping our digital information safe. Similar to a combination lock, passwords are also an arrangement of alphabets, digits, and characters in a particular order. These work only when we enter all the characters of the password in the correct sequence. A tiny misplacement here in there, and you cannot access your device.


Phone Numbers - Phone numbers typically consist of different parts. For instance, in the phone number +1- 603-452-5521, +1 is the country code, 603 is the area code, 452 is the exchange code, and 5521 is the subscriber code. The first three sets of numbers are fixed depending on which area the phone number belongs. The last four numbers are permutations of digits to form a unique subscriber number. In its entirety, a complete phone number is also a permutation, as one must follow the same order to dial and connect to the right person.


Car Plate Numbers - Car license plates are another real-life example of permutation. The number of characters on a license plate varies across states as each state has its own way of numbering license plates. While some have 6-character plates with varying numbers of letters and digits, others have 7-character plates with similar variations. The department of motor vehicles issues license plate numbers to each car by applying different permutations to obtain unique numbers.


Playing the Guitar - When Guitarist play a song or any composition on the Guitar, they play series of notes that produce specific sound that together form a musical piece. If the sequence of notes are not followed, they won’t be able to play the intended song or composition. Therefore, the notes of a song are a permutation of Guitar notes, which, when played together in a predetermined sequence, produce beautiful music. Even a slight deviation in the sequence can cause a misplaced note that hampers the song’s/composition’s melody. 


Word Formation - The English alphabet has only 26 letters. But the number of words we make out of these 26 letters is uncountable! This is possible because we use permutation to form smaller subsets of the large set of 26 letters. By arranging different letters in a set order, we have managed to create hundreds of words. Only when we write letters in the correct order, we make words that make sense. 


Clothes Combination - When you head out on vacation, you select only a few pieces of clothing to take along. If you carry three pairs of jeans and four t-shirts for your trip, you can combine them differently for various occasions to get a new look every single time. The order of pairing the clothes won’t matter, but the look of the outfit will. So, you can see how we unknowingly apply the concept of combination for a simple activity like clothes selection. 

List goes on & on!

It's absolutely fine in you fail in Music if Improvisation is not possible for you – but at least make sure you do no fail in your maths exam as you can’t “improvise – permutation & combination ”


Level 2 skip 1 minute of the video and jump straight to business!




Please use our GUITAR PEDALS (FOR SURE YOU WILL HAVE FUN ON LEARNING IMPROVISATION).  Other than that try out Flange Factory (tweak some parameters shown in Pic)

With Reference To Video Above

SUPER SUPER EASY EXERCISE (Only Few Complicated Blues Tricks for LEVEL 2)

This answer are for those who are beginners and with us less than a week. You already started to learn scales so all you have query on what is root note. When you play a chord on a guitar, you press on three strings on the fretboard (in general but two notes itself is chord or whatever). The lowest one on the bass side correlates with the root note and describes the song’s key. When you create a chord, and the lowest string you touch is D, for instance, you would play “D Major” or “D Minor.” You must understand the answer to the question, “what is a root note?” if you want to play guitar. These concepts help you build chords, create one string guitar riffs and gain a better understanding of how you create songs. When you first encounter root notes, you may feel overwhelmed. Every time you get lost while playing - just land back on root note. Add vibrato to root note and check out how it sounds. 



It is absolutely fine if you are confused and trying to figure out WTFscale we are taking about! Just pick your Guitar and your assignment and keep cracking/vibrato on red notes as demonstrated here. To make your life more simple consider – if you are student you go to school everyday / and if / working then go to office everyday but eventually you return home…so home is your root. If you still did not understood and your Math base is little good then you must know “The root of a number in math is a number that when multiplied by itself produces the original number” – yes that’s the original number we are talking about here!

“Kids tend to forget their roots. But roots are always the first to carry you back home.” 
― Tiffany D. Jackson

“Qui est déraciné déracine. Qui est enraciné ne déracine pas.
― Simone Weil

Those who just initiated their Level 2 journey with us - we added one extra  Weird note for you -  which is BB Note Special. We don’t know if you heard one song called as “Thrill is gone” – there is just one note which is in 9 High E  / which BB King uses in “Thrill is Gone”– which is absolutely out of song scale used in this song – and that is what makes this song so Weird to listen. So that’s the problem with BB King and his BB Box. Every time you open his “BB Blues Pandoras Box” you will find one more new Weird stuff he left us “to interpret Blues rest of our your lives”.

You need to keep vibrating Her Root Notes – so pay attention. In this simple exercise keep Vibrating Her G, B , E

A "Pandora's box" is a metaphor in our modern languages, and the proverbial phrase refers to a source of endless complications or trouble arising from a single, simple miscalculation.


Beginners please note 90% of Guitar sold worldwide ends up as show case displays at home (or anywhere) so focus on this super easy exercise. (or else shift to some other easy musical instrument to play)

Use our preferred Studio Monitors & Pump up the Bass and then practice – this way you will keep motivated to learn these stuffs here. Here 2 scales have been merged to save our time so whenever “scale transition” comes it is going to Sound Weird

With Reference To Videos Above (Level 2 Jump To Left Video Above / or Top Video In Iphone)

This answer are for those who were looking how to play Weird Glass Slide / techniques of Santana. Actually its not that difficult provided you know some Alien theory. Many Astrophysicist, Musicians, Weird thinkers etc  believe & experience we live in a World of simulation run by highly intelligent Aliens. There are Aliens among us but its just that those particular dimensions “where they come from” we normal people can’t comprehend so it becomes difficult to determine who are Aliens among us!

Actually these highly intelligent species comes from Type 3 or higher civilization.

There are many Musicians, Scientists, Weird people among us who are actually Aliens and out of one of them is Carlos Santana (also few examples like Nikola Tesla, Srinivasa Ramanujam, Ancient Egyptians etc etc). Actually musicians like Carlos Santana comes from beyond our space-time dimensions or say he entered through wormhole in our World. Those who do not know about wormhole -- “A wormhole (Einstein-Rosen bridge) is a hypothetical structure connecting disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations”

If your general/standard life/thoughts/imagination are bounded by 3 dimensional cartoon World then do something normal to make your living (don’t attempt to learn Music or get involved in some Scientific work). 

If you are new to such Weird concepts of dimensions then we request you initiate reading about “Tesseract”  (followed by graduating to know higher dimensions) then you may start to get some very simple idea of where such Weird bends/technique of Santana comes from. In BETWEEN the “World we live” and “things we comprehend” there are DOORS & when they are opened “WEIRD PHENOMENON HAPPENS / such as evolution of such compositions”. Unfortunately those DOORS can only be accessed by Aliens among us disguised as Humans. For Example : Carlos Santana & his Weird bend/s a/are one of them. 

No matter how many tab sheets you read of such compositions – you must be shown in person how does these technique works. So always focus carefully when teaching you in person. (to save your and our time). Needless to say – practice with full clean/no fancy amp as shown here. You can play this in any Scale you want but initially keep it around Dminor, 13B, 10B, 9G, 8G, D5, D4----D2,A3----Tending towards infinity. This is the most easiest version of all so you must be able to smash through this easy version. Level 1 just try to figure out which are killer Blues Licks here. Though there are various versions of this compositions we play – but you can start with something as shown in video. 


Those who are tending towards Level 3. – DON’T WASTE TIME – kindly skip 2 minutes of this video. If you are a visitor of this site / non-member then kindly note we are not teaching any song here. We are showing various techniques to play Guitar. Those who are not our members please note these sort of outro compositions/& it’s building/foundation blocks is hardly taught anywhere than us (which includes not only your local Tutor but also Music Universities, Colleges, Institutes etc etc / test it by yourself ). Please please use HIGH BASS MONITORS (use our preferred monitors) during practice sessions while playing such killer compositions. Members when you see us on stage playing such compositions then please note the story of such compositions takes 180 Degree turn :-) due to amp effects! (Members those who attended our shows/stage performances – needless to say)

With Reference To Above Video

Answer of this query are for those who were seeking some super easy example  to start with slides. This assignment is the most easy one we have on slides for below Level 1. In this example you will find short, medium, long slides of all kind ! If you are very very young over 40 then definitely you must do these exercise in Gym to get you slides right – for example mix up you handles – if you lift weights – simple tweak to your equipment can add an extra grip challenge, take a heavy walk, hang out in a dead hang, reverse your biceps curl, flip your kettle bell, grab some battle ropes etc etc. Please note nothing of Justin Bieber is going on here – it’s just an example to slides (on “Hold On” business of Justin) and how you can apply it to any composition.  

Just out of Justin Bieber example – sometimes in life you will always have to “Hold On“ to your job no matter what is going on in your personal life. 

So always keep a Guitar under your office desk for stress relief purpose. When your desk job is leading you nowhere in your life and you are stressed – try slide up the fretboard (any string) – 1 minute. When you are not very busy in your desk try slide down the fretboard for 5 minutes . Please note to our understanding it’s legal to play Guitar during lunch hours in any office. Though ask your Manager/Team Lead etc before to follow our advice. If your Manager/Team Lead is not aware of this Weird Guitar legality then ask your HR department to check with Ministry of Business/Labour etc of your respective Country :-). .  Do try using the “Candy Fuzz” here but make sure you do not “Drive” her hard as She is going to generate high “Level” Weird distortion noise. Play the chords without her Drive. We did not use the Drive because of Educational purpose. Once you are through with basics and foundation of ‘playing Guitar’ then later you can use any weird gear to sound you’re playing more fancy.

With Reference To Above Video

Level 2 this is your answer to how to fold your “fingers” when playing Blues (i,e Proximal interphalangeal joint – the joint in the middle of the finger. Distal interphalangeal joint – the joint closest to the fingertip – if you understood nothing then your GP about these technical terms). Blues is weird so you also need to bend strings with one single finger on various licks. You all were shown several times how to do it – but the issue is if you don’t practice nothing will come out (yes also - it’s confusing initially because of weird BB Box). We know it’s very hard at initial stages to bend string with one finger so you know now why success rate actually to play Guitar is only 10%. Practice hard or else you will come under rest 90% playing other typical easy musical instruments.

Those who gave up to go through this difficulty then it’s better you switch to some easy musical instrument to play. If you are not able to do it or thinking to bypass these bends then it is very likely you (& your BAND) will only be good enough to play in your bedroom for yourself or in some low budget Office Xmass Party , Birthday Party, Wedding etc etc. Though we still be very happy to know if you are playing good enough for yourself only (in your bedroom) – this is so because it can reduce altercation / fight with your partner, kids, wife, family members etc. If you are in any such situation – then it’s better you lock yourself in your room, grab a headphone and enjoy at least playing/practice for yourself only. It’s no point getting into altercation with family members /friends/partner etc. The more you participate in such “situations” - home environment gets from bad to worst. Locking yourself in your room and practice/playing for yourself will only lead to doing something constructive than destructive @ your home. :-)  Including having peace of your mind! There is extended backtrack here for you to Jam along with us. 

Now some words for those who are 18+ with us and are beginners – please note we are not forcing you to be Blues expert. Here this lesson is for “Blues Lovers”. It’s fine if you don’t like Blues but here there are all ingredients what all are required to play Guitar (including one extra weird note called as “Blues note”). You have more than required here! Including the weird note “Blues Note :-)” . Just that “one note” of Blues makes it weird to listen. . Suppose you are a Beer/Scotch Lover and never had Wine in your life then even if you are served a bottle of “Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru” (Cost $100,000/bottle appx) – you are not likely to appreciate the taste (even if price is disclosed to you). This is so because it takes a while/years to develop taste and really come to value the taste – so is Blues too. More mature She gets more wild She sounds. :-) or you can say more high She gets more weird She sounds. 


Please note all who have Apple Laptops / Macbook / Pro / Air etc – you will receive detailed procedure & instruction on how to get rid of latency issues! But the first thing - get everything disconnected related to Bluetooth of your hardware/sound gear & do standard wiring.


With Reference To Above Video

This is answer to query from both Level 1 & 2 those who are struggling with settings and infill licks. For Level 1 you must run through easy licks as shown here as an example of Olivia’s lyrics /LET ME BE THERE/ :-) and when you are approaching/working towards Level 2 - start focusing on infill licks. It will be great if you are in group /Level 1& 2/ playing together. If you are in Level 1 then just follow the standard licks of the song and when playing in group leave the infill licks for Level 2 to play (as shown here) – that way learning will be more interesting/fun also it will push Level 1 students to jump to play Level 2 licks. PLEASE NOTE why two knobs in Amplifier & Pedal have been arrow marked – this is so because these are actually trouble makers of your amp racks. We always recommend GAIN in Amp & LEVEL in Pedal to keep as low as possible. Actually, these two knobs are trouble makers. It makes no sense to increase GAIN & LEVEL as these will start to produce bad distorted sound when set high. We always recommend that “once your Amp Rack is all set” – keep a backup copy of the presets (if using softwares) or else take a photo of settings/presets when actually using proper external hardwares. If you are lost on - what was your last amp setting then it will be easy to revert back to your preset file or photo. All  GIRLS please note – until your finger nails are not “as short as possible” then do not even think about to play Level 2 infill licks (as shown here). Also if these infill licks are too hard on your finger then visit a GP to check out how you can increase your bone density :-) Well practice hard. We have very weird answers/solutions to all your problems – but as you see our Weird Ideas actually works :-) / and been proven over time again & again. Be patient and go slow as it takes time to get your finger bone used to such high pressure required to lift/bend/pull strings etc etc. There is quite much latency in softwares here but you have enough material here to catch up with Level-2 infill licks.

With Reference To Above Video

Answer of this query are for those who were seeking to know where Blues Scale & Notes fits in any composition – so we picked this typical short example where you will find this composition passing through several Blues Notes. If you are still keeping away from Blues then it will be difficult for you to catch up with Mr Don Felder & Mr Jo Walsh. Level 1 focus on Legato and Level 2 focus on the lick (Full Bend 17B , 15 E, 16 E /Blues Note, 17 E Full Bend, Pre Bend 17 B & Release, 15 B, Pull of 17 to 15 B, Unison 17B & 17E, Bend 17 B, Bend release 17 B, Full Bend Vibrato 17 E) :-) :-)

Please note these kind of  compositions almost goes through 6 to 7 layer of Guitaring. Level 1 you need to stretch your fingers from 10th Fr to 5th Fr so guess now how much focus you need to keep on variations of  Pentatonic. These kind of hard work/practice required is just one of the reasons “why very few actually end up playing Guitar”. :-) Building blocks of such killer compositions is all based on Blues so kindly pay attention to all Blues licks (including Legato & Chromatic). If you are not able to smash through such killer compositions of all time - then consider She is not imbibing in you.

Please read & run through tab sheets in detail and try to memorize “sequence” of licks going on. The first thing you do to memorize is to take a bird eye view of tab sheets and go one by one lick (when going by one by one lick -look at each lick under your microscope). Look at your assignments carefully – it’s been described in details! To make your life a slight difficult – here there is no Capo. Also the good news here is that to make your life little easy 94 BPM is used. Is it not Weird? Going for 94 instead of some round number 80,90,95, 100 etc etc . Try out the “Happy Face Fuzz”. Test it by yourself to figure out “how She sounds”

With Reference To Above Video

Level 2 this is your answer to “how weird Pentatonic pattern works”. It’s all same Pentatonic but sequence of notes are in such fashion that it takes few minutes to digest all notes and takes 30 minutes of practical to figure out the sequence on fret board and followed by 1 month to 1 year of practice / depends on how much time you are spending on her. 

Even if you are not our member try play 18E (Start High E), 17B, 15E, 18G, 17B, 15G, 18G, 17D, 15G, 14D, 17D, 16A, 14D, 13A, 16A, 15E (Finish Low E) in sequence. Also please note here we are not trying to teach any song etc – here the focus is on “just 1 example of several 1000s of weird Pentatonic patterns you can play”. Also please note these are not any solved assignments. Check with your own Tutor for weird stuffs – also make sure your Tutor is able to play too while teaching you :-)

Members check your tab sheet “not sequence shown here”.

We covered this practical keeping some twist in “Man in the Mirror”. As this is a weird twist so it is better described as “Girl in the mirror”.  Level 1 you can focus on how tabs are going with your lesson but those who are struggling to clear Level 2 it will be good you work on weird Pentatonic you have in your assignments. Weird pentatonic starts after 1.5 minutes so Level 2 strugglers try to play along after 1.5 minutes. All please note you have five fingers so we mean to say you have PINKY to be used too :-) Do not care about amp, latency etc etc issues going on here – focus on finger placing! 

To make things more addictive use our special plectrum – that way you will learn faster and keep motivated. You will definitely find “Girl In The Mirror” is a good way to learn various patterns of same pentatonic. Enjoy – Level 3 - Never be Copycat of other Musicians – try focus on improvisation. “Get your own imaginations involved” – no matter you are doing any other job too in any other Industry! 

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