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If you are learning with us then we highly advice you to use Desktop or Laptop to view contents of this website. Please use Studio Monitors (or quality high end speakers) for practice sessions.

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This section gets updated on frequent interval so revisit this page as you will find your solved assignments here / also be patient as its still under construction. Here you will find various examples which aligns with your assignments provided. It will be very easy for you. :-). This section is for all from beginner to advanced level. Just pick any of your assignment provided – you should be easily able to tally (tabs, notation, licks etc) which examples fits where as shown in educational video examples here. We highly advice beginners not to jump to intermediate level licks as you will go off track at your level. After making your life so easy – you still have free option to get in touch for help on whatssapp or repeat class.  Jam with us seriously for few weeks only – followed by that you yourself will be able to smash through Guitar Wall. Guitar is a very difficult instrument to play at initial stages when you are in serious relationship with her.  Sometimes She will test your patience beyond your limits, Sometimes She will fully convince you – you are worthless also under such horrendous situation She will send you out on wild goose chase or witch hunt to find easy solution for “How to learn the easy way playing with her”. As beginner we highly advice you follow us or else She will take you for a ride. We also advice beginners not to share your bedroom with her as She can give you worst nightmares of your life – for beginners She got many magic tricks up her sleeve to throw you out of her world . In simple its a inverted V curve process to go through with the tightest angle so have patience. For Beginners we advice just to focus 5% to 10% on theory at initial stages and focus 90% to 95% on practical/playing as nobody cares how much of theory you know if you can’t play even 5 notes properly – and if you are on stage and start talking about guitar theory & can’t even play  3 notes properly – then many aggressive spectators will start throwing empty beer cans at you (just for some additional information – some spectators got very good aim to participate in Olympics 🙂 ). The winning probability/success rate actually to play Guitar is same like reading a book called “How to Become A Millionaire” & actually to implement it 🙂   If you are in intermediate level and got into blues licks (as few examples in videos here) seriously then as long it sounds good to you – you are getting there to learn blues & when people around you start to say you are sounding weird then for sure you are confirmed to have learned Blues 🙂 . It’s also very important that before you get into Blues you must be fully aware there are some tremendous risks associated with it.  Once you are a Blues Man your neurotransmitters gets rewired in a weird fashion and the release of Oxytocin / Dopamine etc absolutely does not happens in same manner as it does with normal human.  So after you are Blues Man you will never be able to mingle with normal people around you other than people of your Blues world so you  should have the courage to accept in very calm manner if people around you starts to call you insane, weird, crazy or whatever. Also to note Blusification is an irreversible process so if you are in courtship/married it will be better to ask your partner in advance before being Blusified as without consent from partner before being Blusified may lead to separation/divorce/breakup etc – so kindly please do a high level “Blues Risk Analysis” with your partner (Disclaimer : We absolutely do not interfere with your private life & in case of any such unfortunate event we can’t he held responsible – whether even GOD FORBID CLAUSE obligation is our responsibility). If you are ready to take that risk then only go ahead with Blues as after Blusification you will be in your own world with few other mad & weird people doing some very weird stuffs (not to mention here).

If you are already over 6 months as beginner and lost all hope & patience then we highly recommend you to shift to some other musical instrument (or absolutely some other  task than music world).  As beginner now if She ended up as showcase stuff of your home then just consider the witchy side of her defeated you. Every time you look at her as your showcase item then just think over these words here. Keeping aside music it’s very important what ever you pursue in your life/career you must have a constructive and achievable goal/future plan in place. If you failed to play Her/Music then at least keep some other career goal in place so that your future is sorted out & secured.  With global inflation going on – the first project to work on is your debt (mortgage, credit card bills, loans etc) for a secured future as anything of quality stuff will always be expensive and on top of it learning Music from quality place is nothing much more than luxury. Just to confirm at EOD above principle & philosophy applies to any quality kind of goal/career you likely to pursue (eg Medical, Law, Engineering, Arts, Mass Communication, MBA, CA, Space Science etc etc etc) from a quality place (College, University, Research Institute etc ). BUT beware one Witch of it’s unique kind  is lurking & on the prowl everywhere to derail you from your intended course.

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Example of Educational Videos (Some of the videos contains discount offers for you)


If video does not download properly please refresh this page (these videos are only for educational purpose & certain back tracks are vintage in quality though enough clarity is there for educational purpose). These examples of tabs & notations are for all levels & all ages and as per maximum number of requests coming from each level to resolve their problems associated with assignments provided.  This page is coming up so revisit this page on frequent interval. Please note if you are not our member then you should know these are not any fully solved assignments for you & for none of our own members too -these are only short example providing some minimal guidance to our own members. Please check with your own Tutor for any reference if you are not our member.


IT Sound DUSSAUMUSIQUES / Sonner Acoustique – Due to Electric Guitar aural, phonic / audio quality issue please use speakers above Peak +100W & RMS + 50W, High PMPO/High BASS / for noise cancellation & quality audio .Members please use our Studio Monitors choice during practice sessions. If our preferred Studio Monitors are outside your budget then use atleast 80 HZ TO 20.000 Hz/RCA – for right wavelength response.



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(With reference to LHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then top video below) The tutorial is repeat practical request by many very very young 40++ (Fortygers) members. You all Fortygers members are for sure going to jump start playing guitar on this tutorial. If you cannot even nail this easy tutorial then at least you can copy the dance moves and get your body in shape (if out of shape). Still if you cannot nail this easy tutorial then we highly advice you to quit learning guitar & join any dance class or Gym. This is for your own benefit. Just also to confirm playing any musical instrument can also help reduce weight by 10%. Here there are many flashy difficult tutorial for advanced players but we really do not want you to get scared at early stages of learning – so we are taking you the most easiest path to reach advanced playing. We are not any sleeping music teaching place so we are keeping your journey as exciting as possible to get you going ahead with Guitar. It is very often found many super smash hit tracks on top of the chart is most easy to play & most difficult to play tracks sits at the bottom of the chart.  Also we are very sure many of these very easy to play top tracks sits in top of your own private chart busters! It’s coming up. Keeping aside Music/Guitar in analogy many times the task which looks very easy is actually very difficult & the task which looks very difficult is actually very easy. Just make sure you are at least able to distinguish this issue with other aspects of your life 🙂 or else you will never attempt / go ahead with a task which looks difficult & fail miserably in any task which looks easy.

(With reference to RHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then bottom video below) – as many of you beginners finding your very very easy level suddenly turning out to be slowly getting difficult to play!! First few minutes in this example video is simple Pentatonic/Scale stuff only & its fine & easy to play (check your assignments). But when you start to find it’s difficult to play after appx 2 minutes is still a Pentatonic stuff – but the story here slightly changes because you are above Fr 12 so your fingers started to pain – so is the reason – its getting difficult. That is the point here to push you very very slowly out of your comfort zone. This is painful to your fingers initially as you started playing on her Neck Joint, Heel area. In this area She will fully allow access to you very slowly – say after 1 year (also depends on how much time you are spending with her) when you stay put with her. This finger pain happens/happened with every Guitarist as She is not very friendly with beginners touching her high neck area.  Kindly do not care how She sounds but use full cut offs as demonstrated here.

Please make sure when you are playing especially on her high neck area (in fact anywhere on her neck area) your nails are trimmed and as short as possible & your nails are very very clean or else while playing on her high neck area can easily inflict scratches on her neck. If you do not follow our hygiene instructions here then there is only one possible scenario left which is keeping yourself ready for one tight slap from her – right on your face.


Members please note with reference to LHS tutorial video  below – cracking sounds in certain section of tutorial is not issue of your Guitar or back tracks. The Pro software running in all version of Windows / 10 / 11 etc  is producing the same issue.  Reinstalling your Pro Software is not going to help either /  also changing your external sound card will not resolve this issue.  We are checking with Native Instruments on this issue and a Ticket is already in place.



(With reference to LHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then top video below) – Advanced players – first of all we shared your queries with all other members (all levels) so that same questions does not arrive again from other members. First Query check video from 0 secs to 30 secs, 2nd Query 30 sec to 90 secs, 3rd Query 90 secs to 135 secs, 4th Query 135 secs to 180 secs, 5th Query 180 secs to 240 secs. Please note on simultaneous bends – due to some electrical/electronic amplification issues on our pro software setting – front bends sounds fairly ok but the back bend is not very much audible at all ! Though enough material is here for you to pick up.

As you can see story is revolving around B Aeolian Mode – B, C#, D, E, F#, G, A & Bminor Pentatonic – B, D, E, F# & A 

It’s highly imperative that you understand some tech stuff about Tube Amplifiers which you will be using here (though no Tube is used in example here). A Tube amplifier is an amplifier that uses vacuum Tubes/ valves to amplify the electric signals produced by any musical instrument. First, let’s talk about some basic principles of electricity. An electron—the heartbeat of electric energy—is a negatively charged subatomic particle. In a vacuum (i.e., in the absence of air and matter), an electron will, in fact, fly through space if attracted by a sufficient positive charge—because opposites attract. Experiments conducted well over a century ago demonstrated that electrons will not only fly through space, but they can also be controlled. In vacuum, electrons flowing from a heated metal element—the cathode—and being pulled toward a positively charged element—the anode—can be deflected by a magnetic field. Though can explain these stuffs to you guys with a proper over 500 pages Phd Thesis lecture on how Tube works (so leave it for the moment) but one basic stuff you must know that you must carry few Tubes (internals) with you always when going to play on stage as many times Tubes can fuse / so keep enough as backup/spares handy. Leave your amp 30 minutes to 1 hour switched on before to play because  longer you leave your Tube amps switched ON before to play through her – her sound gets better and better (because She needs to be warmed up before to deliver exciting sound – and once She is full hot & charged up, She sounds more weird & followed by the same She won’t let you stop playing until her Capacitor gets fused – so keep backup handy). Do not trust your Sound Engineer to switch ON Tube amps for you 30 min to 1 hour prior to play – so DIY. This is so because Acoustique Staffs will be very busy with  100’s of other paraphernalia back Stage  & may easily forget to do it for you / like being busy with one great stuff they carry called  “Octopus”.  So if your IQ Level is little over average ..DIY. (Beg apology being harsh here on Tube story here)

Those who are in transition phase going through intermediate to advanced – just make sure your “simultaneous front and back bends” are fully tuned in one go. — Nothing new — excruciating pain for all Guitarist on their index finger at initial phase. (this pain is absolutely miniscule/super subatomic in nature compared to many other significantly more deeper, never ending – other kind of pain which many uncountable people goes/going through in their life including nowhere to vent either as nobody cares either! )…. stopthetraffikorg/     IT Support deplacer Ref 12a4  (Help Us) 

Also one more important stuff (when you are flying)– keep all those Tubes in a hard box in your check-in baggage or cabin baggage. Also if you are buying Tube Amps only go for standard American Fender Tube. If Fender is beyond your budget then buy only our recommended Tube Amps (contact us for support – no need to be our member either to resolve such queries for you) or else be ready to see your money going in drain!

There was one great person who was  ancient polymath, active as teacher, author, strategist, philosopher, economist, jurist & a royal advisor – he once said “Learn from others mistakes (queries as well) as you might not live long to experiment it by yourself. Keeping aside music you can apply these words/quotes in other aspects of your life (job/career, education etc etc) too – which very easily will turn out to be much much much more important & helpful than music going on here.  

“Playing Advanced” in material sense may mean smashing through 100 of notes in few seconds (including having 100s of tattoos / piercing/ punk style / highly expensive fancy gear) but actually “Playing Advanced” is keeping some divine sense  to bring out “What She wants to say through your strings”. (as precise as possible)

If you are not musically inclined & “Playing Advanced” then read “String Theory” / some excellent books of “Michio Kaku” , “Neil De Grasse Tyson” etc to understand “Advanced Playing” better!


(With reference to RHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then bottom video below) – Friends this lesson is called “Lion of Judah” (as requested by our IRON LION ZION lovers). Off course you know Reggae but it will be better you read (if possible for you – go/work/visit “Land of Judah” like us) about “Lion of Judah” to understand some Reggae culture/if your global exposure in general is far below average (very common to be found everywhere – unfortunately including 99% of Global Journalist/Reporter etc). This query was long pending. Here it’s D Scale going on. D Dub. Here the major stuff is that you must have a great Bass Player with you. On stage or in many Bands you will notice there could be 5 / 10 / 20 Lead Guitarist (for example Band like Dire Straits, Eagles etc etc) but on Stage/Band you will find there is only one Bass Player. Hope you know what’s the job of Bass Player.  There are lots of hard work to do if you really want to be a Rasta Man. It will be good that you work on the notes provided before working on your dreadlock. You deserve to have dreadlock only when you qualify to play the Rasta Notes first hand.

We support you as Iron, Lion, Zion of Judah to make you a Rasta Man. So there is no excuse from you “why you cannot become a Rasta Man”. The job of Bass Player is very important because it’s a high level solid group work when in Band. The main job of Bass player on stage is coordination and synchronization. Bass player’s job is not just cracking on notes. The Bass player is the rhythm (MOSTLY) which is the backbone of the musical piece going on. Every time a drummer / lead guitarist / vocalist goes out of tune (many times happen) then their job is to catch up again with Rhythm of Bass. Bass maintains the synchronization of the musical piece/story going on. If your Bass Player is not good enough then for sure nothing will go in tune all together.  If you still did not catch what is discussed here then go and ask a farmer what is LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog aka Bass Player).  The job of LGD is not only to protect the herd/flock but also to keep herd (lead Guitarist/Vocals/Drum/piano etc) in order/synchronization if anybody goes out of tune. So every time you get lost with tune playing in band – then catch up again with rhythm of Bass Player. Here as in RHS example below we do not have anything below her Low E so some Bass is included in Low E to simulate “lower her E” further (You can try Drop D tuning as well) – actually most/much of her Low E comes from her cousin sister/Bass Guitar. (It’s like a patch up on lead Guitar in example here – when you do not have a Bass Player).  If you still did not understand what is described on Band synchronisation then better read some “Biology”. Music traditionally has been regarded as right brain activity because of its reliance on creativity. However brain imaging research has shown music does involve both hemispheres of brain. Although majority of activity happens on right side of brain. Better the coordination you have between your right side and left side of your brain then you are a good musician. Again in analogy to explain for those who are “matured & working” and below Level-1 with us (& Still confused with Bass!!) – If your General Manager & Above of your Organization/Company/Institute are not good enough & underperforming Bass Player then your Group/Band will definitely underperform (very often as you find/found in general).

If your cerebello parietal component and the frontal component is low then you must start to play some musical instrument or consult your GP on how to improve it in other ways than learning some musical instrument. (Also other easy option ” “if you are NOT a musician” ” is if you are right handed then always use your left hand to brush teeth, open car door, lift  cup of tea etc etc  / & vice versa if you are left handed) 

Though you must try to practice such stuff having a Rasta Bass Player with you as it will be more interesting/enjoying while learning. Thanks God in her nomenclature low E and high E comes at top and bottom respectively and her G in middle – or else the explanation would have took 180 Degrees turn !.

As this is Rasta Story so it can never be short (it’s a long exercise). Keep cracking on her D & G area until you are not getting your rhythm right. If you are still getting this low end noise follow the settings as shown below. Increase the Deep Bass very high of your Monitors  “some issues will resolve with noise/quick fix remedy”.

But make sure your RAM is at least 8GB. Though we suggest to upgrade your RAM to 16 GB as lots of sound processing is going on behind the scene in Pro Software. Again to confirm – when you pay/spend less/earn less  that is what you get. (i,e NOISE in all aspects of your life)

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(With reference to LHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then top video below) – Beginner we know even this lesson was about to be for you. But request from intermediate level came in hurry because of some particular reason. There is no harm – just to have some flavour now of what stuffs you are going to play in initial stages of intermediate level.

Intermediates — here is Answer of your Query on how to start doing some improvisation. Ok – first let’s talk about how many Gigs, Concerts of various Bands have you attended? If none or some then just to let you know – no Band plays a copycat version of the original version of their “hit ones & others” /recorded in Studio. Every next time when they play again anywhere (Gig , Concert etc) the same piece they play/produced – something new comes out of the same composition (a new version of same composition – because musicians are not that naïve as general mass may think 😊 ). This is so because Musicians are wild thinker and they don’t follow the rules which applies for general mass. But this is how it is. Musician’s mind can never be bounded to do the same task again & again. Every time “expert players” touches his/her Guitar – something new comes out of her. So that is improvisation.

Again we recommend you to play clean as shown in example here. Until your finger placement is not further right – till then buying expensive gear makes no sense. Gears are just there to decorate the sound / over the actual framework of the musical piece / especially when dealing with Electric Guitar. At this stage as you are in intermediate level – you will get tempted to buy many different/wide variety of “Gears” absolutely not knowing “which Gear is made for what purpose”. At this stage you will be under false assumption that She is taking you for a shopping spree. You will get convinced that She is going to sound better if you buy her expensive stuffs like – This Pedal, Those Monitors, These Speakers, Those Amps, These Octopus followed by this/that & what/not. FIRST OF ALL PLEASE NOTE “SHE NEITHER DID TOOK YOU OUT FOR A SHOPPING SPREE NOR ASKED YOU TO BUY SOMETHING FOR HER”. You yourself took her out for Shopping.  Once you buy all those expensive gear/stuffs not knowing what fits where – you will find She is still not sounding (exact replica sound)  or behaving what you were expecting out of her. This all happens also when your finger placement is still not in shape (if you buy the right gear you can suppress/hide/cover many mistakes while playing/also practice – which we really don’t want you to do – because we believe in authenticity. The worst part is that you also won’t even realize what were your mistakes when you buy Gear before to learn to Play Clean).

We found many who dried up/exhausted their cash reserve buying all these wrong/expensive Gears/accessories (including achieving no success) later came back to complain us — “She took you for a ride”, “She turned out to be a Gold Digger”, “She is a Black Widow” , “Blood Sucker” and what not (not to mention here). It’s actually all your fault. So follow our advice to deal with her because we know exactly what’s going through your & her mind too. It’s just that both of you need some relationship counselling.

Please note on last run of Bass Sound – her model used here (as you can see/observed) She does not have Tremolo, Whammy Bar or Hipspot (so her vibration cannot be controlled). If you are using the same model as it is used in example here then just play/or ring 4 FR on her high E at the end and leave her to vibrate (Beginners please do not confuse this with normal “vibrato”- this is special Brain May’s vibration technique / FYI – Brian May contributed enormous amount of research work in Guitar Technology in Music Industry). (After She stops vibrating/or when her vibration fades out fully – Vocals will catch up again). It will be good that you mention your Lead Vocalist in advance to start again exactly when She stops vibrating her 4E/or when her vibration fully fades out (as this flaw comes in new Bands very often). CHECK IN EXAMPLE CAREFULLY. In music you may deal vibrato & vibration as same dimension (Hertz) but in Music it does not happens that way. Learning Music is absolutely not that important in your life – But at least in your basic Physics exam make sure you are converting all dimensions to standard units before to solve all equations or else in future you will end up in Sainsbury, Tesco, ASDA, Walmart, Carrefour, Auchan, E. Leclerc, Géant Casino, Shoprite, Sultan Center etc etc  (in equivalent w.r.t other countries too)

Now after so much of precise explanation of your “Group Query”- we don’t see one single excuse from you why you can’t get over this simple intermediate exercise. Next time before to ask query please run through tablature/notes etc in details.


 (With reference to RHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then bottom video below) – Answer of this query are for those who were seeking some C Minor in Retro Vibe (We know this assignment was slight trick as it called for “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” – ONLY 0.023123 mm outside the box, the more distance you can think out the box the better the innovator you are – just guess when you talk about astronomical scale on “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” – it’s  inversely correlated for weird people).  You all have been provided such lessons to get you going faster and very few are doing well and rest majority are lagging far behind than our expectations. We can fully confirm if you are not able to get through with such detailed step by step instructions to reach your goal then you must look something else to do than learning Guitar. These kind of  lessons are fully customized as per your ability to be going ahead faster – so there is no excuse left! The main reason those who are lagging behind  is that you are not accepting to take you out of your comfort zone. Keeping aside music – one thing is for sure – as long as you are happy in your comfort zone – you will remain where you are and will never be able achieve anything more in whatever job/studies etc etc you do in your life. Those who are really working hard on such lessons – we know you guys need some ‘Healing’ now– so here is your extra free help on ‘Healing’ in video (laggards are also invited to join this ‘Healing’ process 😊) (HELP/OFFER : A highly generous Entry Ticket Discount for “Retro Vibe – New Delhi Vibration” including for all similar umpteen places in New Delhi 😊 i,e USD over $50 for each Entry in each umpteen places). We love keeping people ‘vibrating’ so that you are out of your comfort zone slowly. With ref to all Notes (including C Minor) – Don’t be a stupid like many of those who are  living & especially studying & working in small Cities/Town/Villages Globally (even including many to be found in big Cities too) all their life & following their own traditional/medieval teaching methods, thinking, thought process etc etc- who talks about work/thinking outside the box but their mind & body never been outside their box as mostly never seen at least 1 thing practically different outside their box (keeping aside some very few silly tourist trips). You can only think outside the box when you have seen at least something practically “different” outside the box where things gets done “differently” in highly efficient & professional manner.

You have all opportunity here to see/study/learn/work/visit with us “outside the box” and ‘way forward’ start thinking outside of box.  Always remember – Winners don’t do “different” Things, they do Things “differently”….(Shiv Khera) – Here C Minor is “inside the box/different” & set (D4, G3, D5, G5, D8, G8, 10D, 10G, B4, B6) is “outside the box/differently”.

So now there is no acceptable excuse from you –“why you cannot solve this assignment”. If you are still stuck with it then you can quit learning Music and apply above philosophy in other work/studies you do. (it will turn out to be MUCH MUCH more fruitful than learning Music here!). If you are still not clear now then we advise you to read books of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche who was a German philosopher, cultural critic and philologist – whose work has exerted a profound influence on modern intellectual history. His books will give you a very good idea “who to interact with” and “who not to interact with even for 1 second”. Though we know many of you are trapped with “who not to interact with even for 1 second” so “think outside the box” how you can resolve it. 😊

Practice this with full Bass on your Monitor (PUMP UP DEEP BASS & GO AS FAR AS WOOFER, SUB WOOFER, TWEETER ETC CAN TAKE YOU ON YOUR MONITORS) – you will enjoy learning it as many background noises will suppress.


Photo 9.png

(With reference to LHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then top video below):  YOU ARE REQUESTED TO SUPERIMPOSE / OVERLAY THEORY RECEIVED IN YOUR INBOX BY FOLLOWING THEORY  BELOW THEN IT WILL HELP YOU IN DETAILS TO UNDERSTAND THE ACTUAL ‘F SCALE’ THEORY. TO FULLY CONFIRM – THIS LESSON COMES UNDER HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC & AS YOU SEE ABOVE WE ALWAYS WELCOME/INVITE THEOLOGIST TO OPENLY DEBATE ON THIS RESURRECTION THEORY & IT’S IMPLICATIONS ON F SCALE (MUSICAL SCALE MAP). ALSO WE WELCOME/INVITE/ENCOURAGE ALL KIND OF THEOLOGIST (Angelologist,  Bibliologist, Christologist, Ecclesiologist, Hamartiologist, Pneumatologist etc etc etc) TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS “F SCALE DEAD GOD” DEBATE. DURING DEBATE ON THIS TOPIC & TO CHALLENGE OUR CONCEPT (i,e 100% COUNTER BALANCE IN EQUAL PROPORTION & TO BE WEIGHED ON MASS SPECTROMETER) WE NEED FULL EVIDENCE OR HIGHLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION/INTERPRETATION OF “F SCALE & IT’S EVOLUTION FROM DEAD GOD THEORY”. During Debate Sessions “Light refreshments and drinks provided” & is complimentary from risfornication. We highly request members to keep the debate environment healthy & refrain from converting the debate into argument, altercation, fight etc etc. If you are not a Global rational thinker & have no control  or command over your “emotions” , “anger” & “awareness of (your) ignorance”  then kindly don’t participate. (in fact in any other kind of Debate in your life)

Answer of this query are for those who have been asking questions on F & Dminor, F#. Please note this lesson is one of the most Important Lesson as we will discuss about her F Note. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PAY FULL ATTENTION TO THIS LESSON.

Now here let’s be very clear – as many of you did not read books of Frederich Neisdich so you are unable to understand her F.  F is one of the most important note since 200,000 years of human evolution. You will never understand this note until you finish reading Friedrich Nietzsche books.

You guys are unable to get over with this assignment because you are wasting too much of time on social media (FB, Insta, TikTok, receiving misleading information not knowing “whats true, good, bad” from many misleading google search article & misleading journalism / classifieds etc etc – 90% of these full waste of time). If you complete reading nice books of Friedrich Nietzsche (& many more Authors/recommended by us) then guess how much time you can extract out of your life to practice & play with her.

F note was interpreted in full details by one controversial Cult Guru of all time. Pay attention to D minor here in assignment too.

…(please note – here follows are not our words though all words & concepts are been tweaked by risfornication to apply Theologian concepts to understand Guitar Theory & derive an easy interpretation of F note for all)…

F became the most important Note in MUSIC when Friedrich Nietzsche declared God is dead.

The biggest & the most difficult problem here in Music is that “if God does not remains dead”, then we lose the most important F alphabet (F Musical Scale/Note) in English language and we will need a substitute of F. God was one end, one extreme, and when one extreme disappears from our mental vision, the necessary and inevitable is that we will fall to the other extreme F (i,e F Note / F Scale Map etc).

And that’s what has happened in modern Era. Instead of God, `F’ has become the most important alphabet in our language (& so in MUSIC). Even if Friedrich Nietzsche comes back, he will be surprised and he will try to resurrect somehow the dead God, ( this sounds stupid to everybody including all expert Theologists as resurrection of God is a weird impractical phenomenon in modern Era). But you will need a whole report on it, a whole research work on F Note of MUSIC )

One of the most interesting alphabet in the English language (i,e Music) today is the alphabet ‘F’ (i,e Her F  / F Sharp). It is a magical alphabet. Just by its sound it can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love. In Music language F Note can be used in many grammatical categories. It can be used as a verb, both transitive, “John FDminor Mary,” and intransitive, “Mary was FDminor by John”, and as a noun, “Mary is a fine F”.  It can be used as an adjective, “Mary is F beautiful.”

As you can see, there are not many alphabets with the versatility like F ! Besides the difficult theory of her F scale, there are also the following uses of F Note (especially when you are composing music – as lyrics can be of any number of permutation & combination of words):

 Ignorance: FDminor if I know.
Trouble: I guess I am FDminor now!
Fraud: I got FDminor at the used car lot.
Aggression: F U!……….. Please note U does not comes under any scale.(Further research work in Music is required to include U Note in Music to derive Aggression in appropriate manner)
Displeasure: What the F is going on here?
Difficulty: I can’t understand this F job……….(That is why we are trying to resolve F & F Sharp for you in details here).
Incompetence: He is a F-off.
Suspicion: What the F are you doing?
Enjoyment: I had a F good time.
Request: Get the F out of here.
Hostility: I’m going to knock your F head off.
Greeting: How the F are you?
Apathy: Who gives a F?
Innovation: Get a bigger F hammer.
Surprise: F ! You scared the shit out of me!
Anxiety: Today is really FDminor

And it is very healthy if every morning you do it as a transcendental meditation just when you get up, First thing, repeat the mantra “F U” five times; it clears your throat too! (You can share this meditation technique with your Vocals in Band -it will keep her/his vocals in excellent condition)

Now one thing is for sure you will never forget where F & Dminor sits on her. The nice thing about Music is that you can play all these words (in any format) so that is why F & Dminor is so important. In Music you must be able to corelate which Alphabet sits where and most important how each Alphabet is interlinked to one another. Also now we are sure – you know now why “F” sits on one extreme and why “God” sits on other extreme and rest Musical notes sits in between.

Now you know why Major Scale sounds happy (defines/express – love, pleasure, excitement, cool, enjoyment, surprise, release of oxytocin/dopamine etc, etc) and Minor Scale sounds sad (defines/express – hate, pain, sorrow, fear, weird, anxiety, aggression, suspicion, release of adrenaline/epinephrine etc, etc) . Though you are open to play F Note in any fashion described above – whatever you wish to express. If you are looking to play anything new on F then consult your Music Tutor / Professor /  Teacher / Music Composer etc etc as composing something new on F may demand enormous amount of brain storming because of its versatile, dynamic, volatile, sensitive, controversial, enigmatic, mysterious & transient nature.

Focus on Fretboard (Example Below) what’s going on than somewhere else – or else you are going to fall flat on your face. We always keep saying – focus on “which note” is required to be played by “which finger “on her fretboard (for different scales & licks). (hardly very few listen or observe carefully as Men will be Men eg in video example). In backtrack some whistle effect is included here as whistling is fully permissible & legal in music while playing with her. Kindly do not whistle at her if you are not dealing with music as this is illegal in few Countries & is extremely offensive in rest of the Countries.

Now whenever risfornication suggests you good books – kindly finish reading those books as it will open up your mind and then only music will imbibe in you or else listening to music is always open to anybody anywhere & everywhere.

Beginners your lesson is further delayed but here covered up small Bminor Run at end of tutorial video. Wait on your all doubts on next video (if you bypass your assignments then nobody & nothing else can help you). Here there are some “Sound” issue in example video but there is enough material & meat to clear your doubts.


(With reference to RHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then bottom video below):  Answer of this query are for those who are beginners. First we highly beg apology as your query was picked after 4 consecutive queries from advanced & intermediate players. (Even if you are not our member following information will help you find your Music/Guitar Tutor anywhere in the world you live).  We always have all our focus on beginners & we love keep pushing you to learn Guitar at an exponential rate with us. We provide you only that much of lesson what you can digest at initial stages. Beginners or those who never touched Guitar – we would like to let them – to know about statistics of Guitar learning (which is only 10% who will succeed and will actually play Guitar). Let’s assume a scenario you are in any Gig, Concert etc you will find stage is very small in size 😊. Now if learning and playing Guitar is that easy then stage will be size of field/or size of the spectator area & every house or you next door neighbour will have one Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Slash, Carlos Santana etc etc. Now you know – why stage is always smaller in size 😊.

What generally happens when you plan to start learning Guitar – your first job – what you will do – is “google search”/”YT”/”Books”/”DVD”/”Guitar Tutors in your neighbour” etc etc followed by the same you will land with many kind of online lessons/advice and many other options to download software to learn Guitar etc etc. Followed by the same you will use further filter to find the “CHEAPEST & THE BEST” of the above options available to you! (NB: You need not even to do Google Search to save on Music education as there are umpteen free information available here for Window Shopping) 

Well let’s now be more general here (this will help you to find any tutor of any field in your life). Forget about Music/Guitar or anything related to music for the moment and look at some other philosophy on “How to learn anything” in your life & “which kind of education” is more beneficial (including highly highly imperative) and achievable for a person from normal “walk of life”.  

One thing is for sure definitely everyone will agree is that first thing in life is to go for the most basic education Science/Engineering/Medical/Law/CA/Business Studies/Aeronautics/Astronomy and 1000s other professions to secure a safe future so that decent income keeps coming followed by achieving most essential requirements like “Buying your own house”, “going on holiday trips” , “ buying a fancy car” etc etc. Again now one thing is for sure 90% of the general mass will be able to achieve these successes “but on various degree”. Only few will be on top 10% quartile to achieve these at a “quality level” as they will be able to afford anything in their life & rest 90% will always be busy struggling (say participant of rat race) how to get their life better like buying a bigger house, buying a more better fancy car, going for luxury vacation, clear mortgage, loans bills, going for further high quality Higher Education etc etc.

Now let’s guess if even 0.00231% (out of 90% rat race participant) is smart enough they will think outside the box to full fill their “basic needs” first (on a very expansive scale) like how to build house by self? how to fix car by self? how to extract tooth by self? how to close yearly tax by self? how to generate free energy for free gas & free electricity by self? how to buy, rent house without broker by self? how to cure serious treatment without Doctor by self & 1000s other essentials of daily life BY SELF.

To fully confirm (100%) you will find solution of these all “basic needs” in full detail (including solved problems) in books, DVD, YT & Google search in open market anywhere in the world. Now just guess if life is that easy then why everybody can’t reach the top 10% quartile in their life (by doing it “BY SELF” and saving lots of money). Well this is so because there is only US $ 40 trillion (some estimate excluding cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum etc etc ) exists in this world and money is always spread around among population across globe in a compounding fashion/distribution where 90% general mass lags behind in their life to reach any goal as they always sit on initial time frame in compounding plot and rest 10% always sits on final stages of time frame in compounding plot. If you understood nothing then to confirm that is why any Bank of this world survives because 90% of mass would always sit at initial time frame of compounding plot.

Now after reading all these words (and may be wasting your time here) – you must be forced to think “who cares to learn & play  F note of Music” as easy solutions to full fill “basic needs of life” are already described here (by Google Search etc etc) to reach top 10% quartile. If anyone is really smart then they should look to full fill basic needs of life first as priority by reading Books, DVDs, Google Search, YT etc etc keeping Music as least priority / at far far end of back burner (Sounds Logical ???).

Well to end – the IQ level required actually to learn Music to reach top 10% quartile in Music Industry is NO LESS than reaching top 10% quartile of any other profession/Industry above. 90% of people are stuck in profession which is not their passion as 90% never yet focussed to discover what is their passion actually is! (so joined the rat race as human gets programmed to do so since birth / by copying what others are doing) so that is why compounding distribution is 8th wonder of this world as Albert Einstein described.

So leaving you beginners to think “is really Music your passion ?” or you are just trying to get yourself stuck in a place or in position where you are still yet to discover what actually your passion is?  If power of your love is not good enough for your passion then you can quit this “easy beginner lesson” and try to discover what actually your passion is !(in some other field).

It’s still fine if you can’t “learn it by yourself” (LIY), “do it by yourself” (DIY) then at least “know it by yourself” (KIS) – even KIS will easily help you save lot’s of money on “basic essentials of your daily life” and will easily help you reach top 30% quartile in all aspects of your life! Google Search, DVD, YT etc etc will definitely will give you a fair idea of KIS in all fields but it will not full fill anything of LIY & DYI.

Technical: Beginners – You all have these kind of lessons so that you kick start asap without further delay. Especially BPM of this example is taken care of (you have many similar assignments to try out) as nothing could be as fine and as low BPM for beginners. Here you must be able to focus each note. Above 15Fr licks might be slight difficult – this is so because we never want you stay in your comfort zone – if you have to move ahead with us.

Tip: If you can’t fix your car by LIY & DIY after Google Search then KIS described here for sure will help you.  KIS Tip: Never take your vehicle for yearly Fitness Test in any place/garage no matter including famous ones globally who are playing  AAsharp & minor (no matter which ever intersection of latitude & longitude of earth you live) where they have both car service station & fitness test center under one roof. 😊. If interested further with any other kind of more KIS tips in your life “ask us for 1000s others”.

(With reference to LHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then top video below) – Beginners we did default 4 times to provide you more lessons – so to compensate our default here is another lesson for you. Though when you read below – you will find it was absolutely not our mistake!

You have all such various assignments to practice. Here the twist in your assignment is that the BPM is high. You have been taught all tricks of the trade how to play on high BPM. Please note we are taking you through most easy path with high level guidance -so do not ever consider this lesson is hard on you. So there is no excuse left from you (why you cannot get over these kind of assignments/lessons).

Generally it’s very common (for beginners) when BPM goes up – heart starts beating faster & mind starts racing to catch up with tempo – as She is forcing you to play fast ! (nothing new for all beginner Guitarists). You have enough opportunity here to learn a lot – only if you can keep up with same speed as us. We really do not want you to languish with repeat lessons as we want you to move ahead and for the same you need to put in your efforts equally as we keep our sincere efforts to teach you.

This is the only place where you “get what you see” so make full use of it (we are not like other Music teaching places where there is nothing to show/display – but only to claim – we teach this, that). Always remember when anything is visible then it’s saleable. You are definitely in right place – so make use of it. In umpteen places “with silly Google search” you will find tutors where they can’t even play – but they claim “they have full potential to teach” (Needless to say many of you have already experienced it & “if not” you will experiment it to come to the same conclusion!). If you apply some simple logic then you must know – How anyone can teach something when the person cannot play anything (or none) properly by him/her self. It is absolutely foolish to purchase something from somewhere where nothing is visible. We do not sell hopes and dreams like Hollywood Movies, Lotto Tickets etc here – so make use of our realistic world – “where you get what you see”.

We never provide extra lessons until you are not through with previous assignment/lesson. We provide further assignments/lessons only when you are through with previous assignment/lesson (say after achieving some minimal standards on each lesson). If you are unable to get through with these kind of customized lessons then our risfornication Post Man will stop delivering Letters (lessons/assignments) to you! Followed by the same you are most welcome to go to other places to learn Guitar where nothing is visible but keeps “only potential to make things saleable”. If you are not cooperating with her to learn and not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone then it’s logical She will kick you out of anything to do with her. God helps them those who help themselves 😊

Here the Distortion & Delay Amps really sounds bad (due to some wiring issues with interface) – but you can use more better sound card / or high quality Mic Gear.


(With reference to RHS Example Video below / If you are viewing on Mobile then bottom video below) – Hello All as many of you beginners complained on play along on distortion version on LHS Video below —– so a new clean amplifier version of lesson to play along is on RHS below (We very well know Distortion version is not good enough at all to play along). Please note these are vintage tracks and we go through lots of issues on Electrical front end recording. Time lag / Note Match / Track Overlays etc etc. Please refer to your assignments – if you are really serious on learning then this play along have enough material for you to work on. Kindly don’t focus on what recording is right or wrong – it would be better to focus on “what you are doing wrong” and “why you are not able to smash through these easy assignments”.

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