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risfornication Music Composer


Celina Garnier (Music Composer,  risfornication)

Bonjour les amis,

Je m’appelle Celina et je suis une compositrice qualifiée avec plus d’une dizaine d’années d’expérience dans l’arrangement et la création de pièces musicales. Experte en logiciels d’édition de musique et de son, avec une expérience dans la gestion d’une grande variété de programmes pour composer, synthétiser et éditer de la musique, je suis également capable de jouer de nombreux instruments, dont le piano, la guitare et le violoncelle. Je maitrise également à la fois la transcription et la transposition musicale et possède une solide formation en solfège. J’ai une connaissance variée d’une large gamme de genres musicaux, avec une expérience particulière dans la musique de film, de télévision et de publicité.

Je suis associé à Ris depuis plus de dix ans et j’ai composé diverses formes de musique et pour mieux nous décrire – nous sommes des nomades musicaux. Je viens d’une petite ville de Pau (South France) mais j’ai plus de dix ans d’expérience musicale internationale, y compris dans divers styles ethniques, car nous sommes également des voyageurs fous. Donc, comme vous pouvez le deviner, nous jouons un peu de tout selon le moment et les fluctuations de notre vie.

Notre objectif est de vous offrir la musique (pas seulement le coaching de guitare) comme une expérience internationale et de la rendre aussi colorée que possible, comme la musique l’est toujours !

Si vous êtes un membre risgutar et que vous visitez France (en tant que touriste ou à toute autre fin commerciale), nous gardons toujours notre invitation ouverte pour que vous nous rencontriez avec nos membres et que vous assistiez à notre atelier gratuitement pour découvrir nos différents et uniques styles de musique. Veuillez contacter pour toute aide pour me rencontrer et notre équipe.



Hello Friends,

My name is Celina Garnier and I am skilled music composer with over a decade of experience in arranging and creating musical pieces. Expert in music and sound editing software, with experience handling a wide variety of programs to compose, synthesize, and revise music. Able to play many different instruments, including piano, guitar, and cello. Capable of both transcription and transposition, possessing a strong background in music theory. Familiarity with a range of musical genres, with special experience in film, TV, commercial scoring & stage performance.

I have been associated with Ris for over decade & composed various form of music and to better to describe us – we are musical nomads. I come from a small town of Pau (South France) but have over  decade of international music experience also highly including various ethnic styles as we also are a mad traveller. So as you can guess we play anything as per our life swings.

Our objective is to offer you music (not limited to Guitar coaching only) as an international experience and make it as colourful as possible as music always is !

If you are a risguitar member & visiting France (as tourist or any other business purpose)  we always keep our invitation open for you to meet me and our members and attend our workshop all for free to experience our freak colours of music. Please also meet us on regular interval when we visit your Country for workshops. If you are seeking any assistance in your music composition or in our risguitar improvisation assignments (absolutely free of charge for risguitar members) please feel free to get in touch with me online (Skype, Zoom – with prior appointment) for any help. Please contact   for any help to meet me &  our crew in person & also to book your appointment with me in one to one.


risfornication Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer.png

Anita Baker (Sound Engineer,  risfornication)

Hello Friends / Members,

My name is Anita and I am a highly experienced Acoustic Engineer. My job here is to take care of all your Sound issues. I shall also be looking after all your Softwares & associated software patches/updates including all external hardwares. It is very important when you are a Musician you must have the right Sound gear from day 1 (when you enter the Music World as Musician). It's very common to be found - many beginner musicians (especially Electric related musical instruments) to be playing through very wrong gear from day 1. If you practice with right Sound Gear from day 1 then you will always keep motivated & will very easily reach your target of whatever instrument you wish to learn in your life. Times have fully changed over years - but unfortunately the way of teaching Music did not change much past several centuries.  All the technology of Sound Gear is not only to generate great loud sound ! Over years many research work been done in Sound Engineering to make life easy for music leaners. So our aim here is make your music learning journey enjoyable & exciting.  We will teach you how to maintain a variety of audio equipment, how to set up your Electric Guitar Gear, how to use digital & multimedia recording & sound applications, audio signal processing, how to produce sound for live shows, how to use MIDI application  / Pro Tools / DSP / Cool Edit / Digital mixing Software / Instrument & Voice Recording / Sound reinforcement effects / Analog & Digital Sound Editing and many many more applications.

What ever Sounds/Music you listen to all day in your radio, records etc is not just somebody created a musical piece and it's ready to go for Public distribution/Recording etc. Actually once the musical piece is composed several sound experiments are done (which includes enormous amount of processing / including adding high level artistic touch to the sound) & then finally it reaches your ears. So you have vast opportunity here to learn from us. We make use of Technology at its best so that your Guitar learning is easier, quicker & enjoyable. Technology is build only to make life easy & so is our objective to make your life easy while learning Guitar with us.

For all your queries on Sound please communicate with me at (if you are our member then you have both option to meet me in person or use whatsapp to resolve all your issues)



risfornication Song Writer

Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 8.05.24 PM.png

Nikita Baily

Hello Friends – my name is Nikita and I am associated with risguitar past 7 years. I am a Jazz Artist & I write and record various different genres for television, bands & other Artists. I have been in the Music Industry past 7 years & have experience in collaboration with diverse range of musicians. I also have extensive studio experience. I am here to make your music learning journey a wonderful experience with us. You can always get in touch with me for help in your music composition, song writing, studio set up, we can also help you interpret & modify music to personalized performances. I am available at  As my services are free for our members so kindly please seek prior appointment.



risfornication Lead Singer / Vocals


Rob Fenton

Rob is a versatile Singer with 15 years of professional experience in Entertainment Industry, he also works as recording musician as well as a prolific Stage Performer. Rob is providing & improvising interactive performances across wide variety of genres. Rob is highly skilled in sight reading with repertoire with specialised experience  finding and arranging existing & original music.  Rob is here to provide our members with improvised material & extra songs to allow flexibility within the show.  Our members learn all vocals tricks for highly level Stage performances. All services provided by Rob are free for our members so kindly make advance appointment at

Ris Nath

RIS is an Entertainer/Stage Performer, Musician, Philosopher, Extensive Blues Global Traveller, Author, High Class Fashion Designer, Polyglot,  Space Science/Astrophysics Expert, Theologian, High Class International Stock Market Analyst, Freelance Article Writer, Holds Masters & Bachelors in Engineering (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hello Members those who are seeking to obtain some top notch High Class British Queen ranked quality professional Degree / Qualification then you can have reference from us/Ris for your education at  (this will be an added advantage to procure admission / depending you passed certain IQ Test in Music with us)


Ashlie Swan

Hello Members, those who are seeking to attend our Stage performance, Gigs, Events etc. Then please contact Ashlie Swan for discounted Tickets. Members please note many of you have free entry as well.

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