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Bizarre Stuffs



If you are learning with us then we highly advice you to use Desktop or Laptop to view contents of this website. Please use Studio Monitors (or quality high end speakers) for practice sessions.

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Example of Educational Videos (Some of the videos contains discount offers for you)  - THIS SECTION IN COMING UP!


If video does not download properly please refresh this page (these videos are only for educational purpose & certain back tracks are vintage in quality though enough clarity is there for educational purpose). These examples of tabs & notations are for all levels & all ages and as per maximum number of requests coming from each level to resolve their problems associated with assignments provided.  This page is coming up so revisit this page on frequent interval. Please note if you are not our member then you should know these are not any fully solved assignments for you & for none of our own members too -these are only short example providing some minimal guidance to our own members. Please check with your own Tutor for any reference if you are not our member.


IT Sound DUSSAUMUSIQUES / Sonner Acoustique – Due to Electric Guitar aural, phonic / audio quality issue please use speakers above Peak +100W & RMS + 50W, High PMPO/High BASS / for noise cancellation & quality audio .Members please use our Studio Monitors choice during practice sessions. If our preferred Studio Monitors are outside your budget then use atleast 80 HZ TO 20.000 Hz/RCA – for right wavelength response.



With Ref to RHS Video Below: Friends those who are in Level 1 and asked for some variations on improvisation, here below is another example. Please note as long as you do not read “how to initiate these” then please read/revisit your assignments carefully! No matter how many examples we show you – you still have to do some experiment by yourself. We assure try these licks for minimum 3 nights and max 5 nights – you will be easily able to do it! Don’t try these licks in day time as you might not feel the vibe during your practice sessions (in day time). Also try 3 Bizarre tricks shown in your assignment. When you are playing such compositions on stage make sure you have a good team of Guitar players along with you as there are too many layers of Guitaring going on here (as shown in example).

Here are the Bizarre Notes for you to play along : 10B, 8B, 9G, 3E,3B, 5E,5B, 10 Low E, 12 Low E, 12A, 10A (Now you are expert !)

ONLY FOR: Those who are very young over 40 in Level 1 past 14 months – now we seem to know the reason why only few of you are unable to smash through these assignments. 


We request you check your BMI and work on your total Cholesterol

Please get your Cholesterol Levels below 200 mg/dL (5.2 mmol/L) LDL cholesterol: Levels below 130 mg/dL (3.4 mmol/L) HDL cholesterol: Levels above 40 mg/dL (1 mmol/L) for male members and above 50 mg/dL (1.3 mmol/L) for female members.

If you are at lest in close range of these above parameters then for sure you will be able to smash through these assignments in no time.

Now - if still above suggestion does not works for you, then add 30 minutes of jogging daily in your routine then we are 100% sure you will be complete your assignments achieving 90% success.

Now if all above suggestion does not work then you must see your GP. Your GP have a complete list of tests what needs to be done to smash through these Guitar assignments. If your GP do not have the Guitar Health tests list then ask him/her to contact us, we will send your GP the complete blood, ECG, Mammogram, BP etc etc tests required to learn Guitar. All test results should be within +/- 1.2 to 2% of the ideal test numbers.

Please note if you are learning any other musical instrument then check with your own GP for list of health tests required for your specific musical instrument (though some tests may overlap with Guitar health tests).

Once you are able to smash through only 5% of such assignments you will get the same kick out of it as “when you had your first crush”.



With Ref to LHS Video Below: This assignment was pending ! Here the main focus is on how “Unison Bends” works in Blues. Here you have 3 variations of these Bends (through we also advise you to use Chuck Berry style Unison as well). Chuck Berry style is not included here as this goes quite out of scale in this example. If you are not our member then please note - here no actual “Lay Down Sally” business is going on ! Here in this small example as shown the objective is “How Blues variations works in Eric Clapton style”. Members keep repeating Unison shown here and make sure you are able to Lay Down you fingers properly over fretboard or else it will be very difficult for you to “Nail Down Sally” 

How you know you got your Bends right ? Answer : Once you  at least shed one layer of skin of your fingers then consider you are in right direction to get your Bends right!

If anything sounds Bizarre to you in this page then consider Blues is not your -cup of tea-…….Always try to bring something new to the table or else life sucks! It is absolutely fine if you can’t add anything new to the table in Music – but make sure you do it in any other job/work you do for your life!

Non Members please note here the objective is not to “Lay Down Sally” – here the objective is to “Nail Down Emma, Violet, Jenny, Olivia, Amelia, Sophie, Isabelle, Luna etc etc etc”

Always keep saying “Winners don't do different things. They do things differently. - (Shiv) 

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