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Unleash The Magic : How Music & Guitar Lessons Nurture The Artist With in

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General Advice & answer to all parents who get in touch with us with most basic question like – what type of Guitar/Guitar style & Music lessons we start to teach for beginners/kids/child? – Answer: We can only teach & show what we learned & were exposed to when we were kids 🙂 (We guess its same with you all Parents too!). People round the globe come from various (ethnicity, cultures/customs, socio-economic ladder, educational level, attitude level 🙂 keeping various degree of national/international exposure/awareness etc etc) background and keeps wide variety & superlative degree of music choice. As per music chemistry of human brain and actual statistical data its found that if you are anything over 14-16 years old and never listen to or heard of great guitar Legends like Eric Clapton, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Megadeth/Dave Mustaine, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, John Mayer, Brian May, Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen, Mark Knopfler (list goes on), Awards like Grammy Awards, shows like Headbangers Ball/MTV etc etc  since your childhood and never kept any interest in such music & guitar style or your environment did not provide so in your early childhood it will be very difficult to feel the vibe & learn from us (not only music/guitar in general as well for example thinking/thought process etc etc). If you may still wish to learn from us we suggest you listen to above Guitar Legends get a feel of the vibe and if you really enjoy such music types then please approach us or else you are knocking on wrong door to learn Guitar. Let your child decide which musical instrument they wish to learn & play rather than forcing on your child what you always wanted to play & learn. Also as per Guitar statistics & some hard factual data 90% of complete beginners fails miserably to proceed further after barely 4 months of learning – if you already belong to the top 10% then you are already an aspiring guitarist.

In reality - Guitar actually cannot be learned/played by "you woke up in the morning and your kids wish to learn Guitar" and you initiate your Google search to find the cheapest and the best Guitar Tutor near you assuming after few months your kid will become Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton etc etc. You parents also know very well "if life is that easy" then we advice you to search in Google "How to become a Millionaire"  and let your kid follow those Google steps :-).  (Guitar is the most difficult instrument to play at initial stages). 

To provide you with some hardcore information - 99.99% of the Guitar Tutors near you /except for very very very few (or as per your Google search result) can't even play few easy compositions than few easy scales here and there! For example if you go to buy a car - you know very well how much of research you do! The same principle actually applies for any education you wish to achieve. So if you make some analogy of what we are talking about here you will find "you are going to buy a car which is not even visible". (Also if you drive a broken/cheap Car or what ever expensive car- nobody cares, but when you drive bad Music - everyone will notice it! :-)

You will also find many Music teaching place established past 50 to 100 years. Even if you choose those Music School for your kid then the first thing you ask Music Head Teacher of those long lasting Music School - how many Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King etc etc (or even some  little over average Guitar Player) they have produced past 50 to 100 years? :-). 99.99% of those long established Music Schools are still following medieval Era teaching technique so nothing has changed for them as they lagged far behind Technology. (so is always keeping life difficult for Guitar learners !)

So now if your kid wish to learn Guitar then think over these above words before going to bed today to figure out "what Google Search" you will do tomorrow morning!

Hope this highly explicit answer helps you save time & money both!

Please note we do not sponsor our existence/website through "Paid Google Sponsored Advert / Services" - so all information here is highly genuine. If you as Parent reached this page after your Google Search- then consider you done an above average Google search!

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